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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9: Optimism

Day 9
Clearing blue sky,
A promise in bare branches.
In winter, there are sunny days.
In adulthood, childhood can return.
-Deng Ming-Dao

I'm not an optimist. I one of those dreaded realists. I can conjure a child-like nature about certain things, especially nature itself.

"In adulthood, we oftern see responsibiilites as something dreadful....We see activities only as obligations, and we strain against our fate. But here is a joy in working in harmony with the proper time. When we do things at just the right occasion and those efforts bear fruit later, the gratificatin is tremendous. - Deng Ming Doa

The one thing that I don't like is to be responsible for other people & I don't like feeling obligated to others. I don't know where this thinking started. I'm not certain how that strains againsts my fate except that it does keep me from fully embracing relationships with trust and friendship.

There are days that I really wish my dogs and cats had opposable thumbs so that they could let themselves out and open their own food. I know it sounds silly, but it's very true. I love them. So, in order for them to be in my life my responsibilty is to do for them the things that they can't do for themselves.

"There was an old man who began an orchard upon his retirement. Everyone laughed at him. Why plant trees? They told him that he would never live to see a mature crop. Undaunted, he planted anyway, and he has seen them blossom and has eaten their fruit. We all need that type of optimism. That is the innocense and hope of childhood. " - Deng Ming-Dao
We planted a beech tree two years ago. It will take 30 years before the tree actually bears beech nuts. It is possible that I might see this tree fully mature when I'm 72 years old. I don't know. But, you don't stop living even though you know you're dying. When you plant a tree then there is a part of you goes on through the energy of that tree and for as long as it lives.

I believe in trees
more than I believe in people.

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