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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26: Adoration

Day 26
Images on the alter,
Or imagined within:
We pray to the,
But do they answer?
-Deng Ming-Dao

The author writes, "When the wise say there are no gods, they mean that the key to understanding all things is within ourselves. External worship is merely a means to point within to the true source of salvation."

Gods are but myths and symbols to help man with his moral compass. Strip this aspect away from them and we are left with the reflection of Self. We have created Gods & Goddesses in our image, not the other way around. No one can save you but yourself, for you are your own damnation and salvation. Look within yourself for the understanding - it is there waiting for you to recognize it.

Don't listen to those who tell you that it can't come in a literal form, it can. However, many times it arrives as a metaphor or an "ah ha" moment, like a bolt of lightning. What comes to support you and guide you is yours and yours alone. Don't let teachers, mystics or anyone else tell you differently. You'll know when you've recognized the divinity within yourself. At first it is confusing and it may take time to sort the truth that you've recognized this within yourself. Walk forward in confidence and adoration at your personal awareness and triumph over idolatry and religion!

When I write about nature giving me peace, knowledge and acceptance it's not because I believe nature is a reflection of God, but I do believe it is a true reflection of me and my personal divinity. I touch the earth, the earth touches me: Atonement is also at-one-ment, which is also adoration and acceptance of the personal spirit you were born with in this life. Don't let anyone take that from you!

Spending almost a lifetime
seeking adoration for myself through
the acceptance of external divinity.
Today, I found it on the ground as scattered
patterns of fallen pine needles, the smell of
the salt marsh and when I felt me heart fill
with happiness for giving myself the
gift of adoration and acceptance to walk
 in such a beautiful reflection of my own divinity.

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