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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19: Initiative

Day 19
Let us not be confused
With kaleidoscopic reality.
Using wisdom and courage to act,
Let not add to the confusion.
Deng Ming-Dao

In western culture it is supposedly a "compliment" to describe someone who shows intiative. It's assumed to be a postive trait and in connected with success. It doen't seem to matter how the initiative is directed, as long a you have it. However, initiative can become a negative action or reaction if an individual is not acting in the "right" way. Defining "right" and "wrong" goes back to dualistic thinking. What appears right to one person is wrong for another - life is a double-edged sword no matter what initiative is being targeted.

Deng Ming-Dao emphasises "Action must be guided by both intellect and expereince. We learn from teachers, elders and others. But we must also test what we learn in the world. It is not enough to simply meditate, adn it s not enough just to have theorectical knowledge. We need both in order to be wise."

I agree. Just as one practices meditation, one must also practice a basis for initiative - ensuring  little or no ramifications. Using a logic devised from teachings and experience to envision the possible causality of a decision, or in this case initiative. Do the positives outway the negatives? What are the possible end results? In the end will it all be worth the effort? Sometimes you just don't know how the entire situation will go down. You hope that the initiative you take is the right action for your life and for those around you. Even when moving with awarenss, you cannot possibly consider how deterministic situations can influence a direction that appears well considered and clear. Even with the best of intentions, there may be guilt and regret.

Deng Ming Daos writes, "The action must be burn clean; it cannot leave any bad ramifications or lingering traces. An act that leaves destruction, resentment, or untidiness in its wake is a poor one. Then initiative is insufficient, and Tao has not been attained."

Joseph Campbell wrote, " If you want to help this world, then you must teach how to live in it." There is no better way to do this than to take initiative in your life and live it in the best way you know how. From this you will hopefully gain wisdom and perspective about what is important in this life. If you can help others see how to live with awareness, even better.

The truth is that most people don't have 20/20 vision. They need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly, whether they be farsighted or nearsighted. We each see the world through different lenses, even the one's we are born with are not perfect throughout our life, the view alters based on age and exposure.

a life path.
on inner truth,
will identify

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