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Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11: Healing

Day 11
Fire cools.
Water seeks its own level.
-Deng Ming-Dao

Deng Ming-Dao writes: "No matter how extreme a situation is, it will change. It cannot continue forever. Thus, a great forest fire is always destined to burn itself out; a turbulent sea will become calmer. Natural events balance themselves out by seeking their opposites, and this process of balance is at the heart of all healing."

The opposite of Facebook is DE-FACEBOOK. Hence, the opposite of being on a social network is to join an anti-social network, which is exactly what I did the other day and that network is called ME.

I just couldn't stand the obvious fact that most people who are "friending" one another are not being genuine. How many people do you know have 130 friends that they'd like to hang out with? Some people "friend" someone, then "hide" them. I'm not so sure about doing that either. Isn't that like seeing someone at a social gathering and then acting like you haven't seen them? They've already seen you and think that you are a friend. When, in fact, you were just being polite when you said you'd be a friend; but you're really not, nor do you want the least bit to do with person. Here we have another man-made device that allows to believe that we are being a social animal and have a great deal of friends.

I'll be known as a "De-Facebook-er". The scandal! Well, I've never been much for following a crowd and I can't start now. I heard my own beat and the drummer was telling me that Facebook is just not right, it can't continue like this. You know people are posting things as mundane as taking out the garbage. You check in the hope of it being otherwise. But, alas, it's like overhearing a conversation at Starbucks and it's all about how good the coffee is at this place (as the cappucino-maker loudly groans in the background). Ugh! Enough!

I'll take the heat for being the first person that I know to pull the plug on this hoax of a social network. Those individuals who are my true friends know where to find me and vice versa. Do we really need such a thing as a social network to confirm that we are relevent in the universe? If you have one good friend in this life you are a very fortunate individual, indeed. But 130 really good friends? Please. There must be time for healing. Seriously. I've become a social network outcast.

Healing comes from within. If you're looking for confirmation from the outside world about who or what you are, then you've made no progress at all.

"Know your Demons,
they guard your inner truth.
Answer to them!
Negate your Demons,
negate yourself."

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