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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3: Devotion

Day 3
Make the crooked straight,
Make the straight flow.
Gather water, fire and light.
Bring the world to single point.

Decide on your purpose and walk your path and this will be your devotion - a single point.

My spiritual path is behind me, in the sense of searching out "God". I am not searching for the divine outside of me, it is now the inner quest of getting to know the divinity within me. However, I believe that it is absolutely necessary to be an experientialist. You can read all you want to about this and that, that and this. It is easy to be a sage sitting alone at the top of the mountain or in the solitude of the desert; but, down here in the trenches one can have moments of instability about what is divine, if there is any divinity at all.

I take daily walks in the woods with my dogs that usually last for about 2 hours. I can find a still point in the silence, a place of devotion in earth-based roots. Nature is a spirituality that is raw and simple, chaotic and orderly - it exposes every element of life to you if you look and listen - like a dead tree that has fallen perfectly in place and the roar of the winter wind  that gives you a sense of peace.

"When was the last time you took a walk in the woods, my friend? It is of great comfort and wisdom to do so for it brings to light that which has fallen into darkness. You will no longer be lost and alone because you have the friends of the earth beside you. Become timeless on dirt paths and connect to what really matters: not the world of men, but to Self. Do what you must in this life not for mankind, but for your own calling. Refusal of the call places a man in complete despair and confusion, he will lose his soul to the emptiness, the void of his own creation." - Demori

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