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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: Ablution

Day 2
Washing at dawn:
Rinse away dreams.
Protect the gods within,
And clarify the inner spirit

Purify the body, clear away the illusion of waking moments- the delusion, protect the god/goddess within the Self (36,000 in the body according to Taoism) and reach the ultimate knowledge. It is not greater in divinity than the Self, but it is the Self that must be embraced and accepted as divinity.

I've claimed to be a truth seeker, the most difficult has been seeking my own truth and living by it. I searched for god on tops of mountains and in the sands of deserts and found only myself staring back at me. But today I look at a picture of myself and I see a false god - ME. Using hair color to disguise the truth of being a woman moving into her 44th year. These are the pollutants of the body, mind and spirit. Believing the lies is easy, deprogramming yourself from them takes work and courage.

Wisdom comes with age. If we do not show age then how can we show any wisdom? One cannot be without the other. There are those who do grow old in body but never gain the wisdom of the soul, only having lived a life. I want more than that for myself. So, I must wash away the dirt that is false and allow the truth to cleanse me and to ultimately allow me to move forward in my life, to be the elder I desire to be -  like a great grandmother oak tree! The outside must reflect the inside and vice versa, otherwise my life has been a lie and all the seeking in the world won't change this realization on my death bed.

"If you have one moment of inspiration of what this life may be for, then you are blessed.
Most men wander the earth in complete ignorance of any truth in connection with the soul - careless with the treasure that they carry beneath the cloak of human form."
- Demori

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