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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Sound

Day 5
Wind in the cave:
Movement is stillness
Power in silence.
-Deng Ming-Dao

"The deepest sound is silence. This may seem paradoxical only if we regard slience as an absence of life and vibration...silence is sound unified with all of its opposites. It is both sound and soundlessness, and it is in the confluence that the power of meditation emerges." - Deng Ming-Dao

When the cold wind blows through the bare oak trees I hear them speaking to me. They make a sound as if calling my name - an audible "voice" that only trees can make on a cloudy winters day. I have also know the silence of the wind in a cave, surrounded by the alien rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park. I sat  alone in the moonless dark listening to the ancients sing a silent song. If you let sound/soundlessness into your life, it will change you. Listen.

"I love listening to silence.
It is a  friend for those who know how to embrace it."

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