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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21: Skills

Day 21
Zither, chess, book, painting, sword.
These symbolize classical skill.
-Deng Ming-Dao

Skills are an extension of ourselves. How do extend yourself everyday? What skills do you want people to see and which do you keep private for yourself? Do you hesitate to develope new skills? Or, do you enjoy it? Creativity and criticism are two sides of the the same mind coin and need to be kept that way so that you can enjoy how you develop as an individual. Each skill has a place in your life and somehow we must cultivate them and give each time and space to develop a true sense of being and expose the inner aspects of the Self.

I have recently enrolled in a Beginners Writing course. Even though I've been writing lyrics, poetry and short stories over the years this is the first time in my life that I've committed to writing as a skill. It's important to practice any aspect of yourself, just as long as it doesn't become a job. I once taught yoga classes because I had the skill. However, teaching yoga and practicing yoga are very different. I didn't like teaching yoga because it took away the love I'd developed for the practice that was mine. Suddenly, what I'd been in love with became a job. So, there is a level of discernment that must take place when you're developing a skill - is it for you? Are you expecting anything back from it - money, acknowledgement, etc. It must be for the desire to do it and expose yourself to the reflection in the mirror that you dedicate yourself to acquiring a skill. Otherwise, you are dealing with ego and that can just be nothing but trouble. 

Extend the sword,
but not the point.

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