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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56: Muteness

Day 56
The more you dwell in the spirit,
The farther you are from common ways.
If you want to speak of Tao's wonders,
Few will listen.
-Deng Ming-Doa

He goes on to write, "Why no stay quiet?...Let others think that you are dumb...if you are merely a wanderer in a crowd of strangers, it is wisdom to be silent."

I agree. People don't listen. They don't understand anything other that what their politicians, performers and charlatans are offering them in 'easy speak' (1984). Keep to yourself and keep quiet is my motto. Share only with those in who you have full conifidence and the exchange of words and ideas will be of benefit; otherwise, keep youself to yourself  and to no other, for it is a complete waste of time and energy. It is difficult to remember this practice and there will be times that you share what you've self-cultiviated in wisdom and truth. Like a mousetrap snapping,  you'll experience the ultimate realization that there was no cheese to be had and you've made a grave mistake in thinking your could take the bait they were offering you at a listener and confidant. - Demori

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