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Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36: Vantage

Day 36
Distant ridges, far away clouds
All events come from a distance.
With a high vantage point,
Foretelling the future is elementary.

Achieving a high vantage point is also synonomous with having a range of life experience. From either, one can usually recognize how the future with present itself. Its normal to know the outcome of a situation if you've been there before, yet we can still question the instict and knowledge we've gained, our clarity and perspective.

In my particular situation I knew months ago that walking into a corporate situation was probably a bad idea. But, when I thought there was too much drama being connected with the very small & temporary role I'd be playing, the vantage point was trashed. I'd consider my thought process as being, "how bad could it be?" way of thinking.

What I thought could happen did happen. It was foretelling, afterall. Trust yourself. Don't second guess your high vantage point -  stay there.

"I don't have the gift of the prophecy,
telling everybody how it's gonna be.
You go passing wrong for right and right for wrong,
 people will stand for that for just so long"
- Natalie Merchant
"This House Is On Fire"

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