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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: Defense

Day 33
Demons who enter your circle
Must be pushed out.
-Deng Ming-Dao

In order to triumph over evil you must be certain not to lose yourself in the battle against it. The fight can break us or it can make us. If we are just reacting, then the demon described will win. If we act with preparedness via the innate truth of who we are, then they cannot reach us even with the longest, sharpest of their words or swords.

Deng Ming-Dao writes of these people, " No matter what world you walk in - office, school, temple, prison, or the streets -t here is an underworld populated with demons. These are peole who are aggresive, sadistic and cynical. They not only take advantage of others without compunction, they delight in it. They find pleasure in seeing others suffer."

I wish that such individuals did not exist, but they do exist. In the aforementioned description, the author describes them perfectly. For those of us who wish to wander the earth in quiet peace and left alone to listen to the sound of winds, such "demon" people will never understand how we should wish such things. Their agenda is malice. They will push you until they think that they have you at the breaking point. It is here that you must decide how you will defend yourself.

In my case I took an iPod to work to listen to Bach during my lunch. The "demon" does not understand such action. It will confuse them that you aren't engaging with others, even when it's your own time and you're off the clock. Then they will usually walk away to find another victim.

The other theory is this: they are not there to harm you, but perhaps they are there to remind you that you still have old wounds to heal and old demons to remove from yourself. If they push a button in you, then recognize that issue. Figure out a way to either live with the realization or find a way to let it go! It's not easy to do and you will struggle at first to even admit to it. But, once it comes to the surface you must set it free. Then the "demon" living outside of you and the "demon" living inside of you no longer have any power over you.

No one can take from you what you are not willing to give.

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