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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52: Nonconformity

Day 52
The world is dazzling,
I alone am dull.
Others strive for achievement,
I follow a lonely path.
-Deng Ming-Dao

He goes on to described Taosist as, "...erractic, antisocial, irresponsible, inexplicable, outrageious and sometimes scandalouse. We here other voices, respond to inner urgings. We have no interest in the social norm....It doesn't matter if no one can understand us, for we are nurutred by something most people do not sense. Awakening to this inner urge, and distninguising spiritual impulses from the merely instinctual, is one the the crucial goals of self-cultivation...this is a lonely path...That is why it takes someone both sensative enough to hear the call and strong enough to walk the solitary path."

I'm not going to claim to be a Toaist, but his description of one who follows the tao is the same lfie path that most nonformist lead, too. There are very few true companions on this sojourn that you trust enough to love you in spite of yourself - they may not always understand you, but they love you all the same.

It's the "Others"- the ones who place no importance on the aforementioned personality traits, that will never get us. They veiw us as a type of freak show. What they don't realize is that we view them as the freaks of this world - full of nonsense and wandering about in a programmed reality in which they cannot think for themselves and don't even realize it!

We nonconformists walk to the beat of different drummers and forge our own path. We recognize the paths of past nonconformist and have an affinity toward visionaries who, in their time, were cast aside as lunatics. Most of us lead quiet lives. However, there are those who have been willing to attempt the process of converting the comformist - seeing a vision or a truth that they are but continually blind to perceive. What is important to note is that most were not respected for their nonconformist vision until they (and those who ridiculed them) were dead. Respect for such vision was not embraced until centuries later, if ever.

The "Others" are worthless. They are cruel, greedy, stupid and inhumane. They wander about this planet with a frontal lobe, opposable thumbs, generational genetic reproductions of themselves and think that our species is the select choice of "God". 

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