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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35: Utilization

Day 35
Kites harness the force of the wind.
They express our intent,
But they cannot change the wind.
-Ding Ming-Dao

"...(Tao) about taking advantage of natural forces. It means accepting the way they work, and then finding a way to borrow their power. It does not mean trying to change or circumscribe things. If the wind is not blowing our kite the way we want, we cannot change it. We can only borrow energy. When initiative and natural forces are combined, there is true harmony."

I'd like to add that if the wind is not blowing the kite the way we want there is another option - reel-in the fucking kite! Take the kite and yourself out of the equation! Removing yourself from a situation, taking a step back to reflect and recognize it for what it is (or is not) is a good thing. Why do you want to be chasing a kite off a cliff just because that's the way the wind is blowing you?

Borrow the energy and use it, then stop before you fall over the edge. If an energy is being its' true nature - in this case the wind - then, it has no concern whether you stop a the edge of the cliff or go down the rocky face - it's not personal. It's just what is. However, I  believe this is where personal initiative comes in - it's up to you to find your place in the equation of natural forces (Tao). Finding harmony means knowing when to borrow the energy and when to let go of it. Only you can know when, where and how.

Utilize energy until it no longer serves you,
for if you borrow it for too long
it can destroy you.

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