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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46: Organization

Day 46:
Pattern and creativity
Are the two poles of action.
-Deng Ming-Dao

I'm seeing a pattern is Deng Ming-Dao's writing about sucess and how to get there. This is where the bullshit books came from such as, The Tao of Managment.

In one medatation he speaks of flow, oneness and flexibility with life, and in the next he's talking about organization. How can tao be organized? Oh, the excercise of planning and executing while working with "invisible lines of destiny" Somehow I'm thinking the the "invisible lines of destiny" are being left out of the morning brain storming session, as are references to grace and "preserve the ways of nature". For this taoist philosophy you'd have to get the CEO to read The Tao of Pooh. Ah, that's not going to happen.

So, you can "plan" each day, to some degree, yet setting goals to me does not seem very taoist, nor does trying to suceed. If anything I think it gets in the way of living each day with its natural energy pattern it is offering. Some days feel very kinetic, others are just lazy. What's wrong with living it the way it feels instead of forcing a "plan". 

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